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Mo’ Men

male to female ratio

I'm slightly uncomfortable with this picture, but it gets my point across about male-female ratio stuff.

Just got back last night from Los Mangeles, as my friend dubbed the town because, holy crap, dudes are everywhere. Everywhere. I usually don’t feel outnumbered as a woman, but I did this past weekend, despite my posse of five lovely ladies.

And then tonight, back in DC, I’m at a matchmaking event where, I swear to god, there were 8 women to every 1 man. A quick poll in the ladies’ room confirmed that most women had been matched up with 3 men while most men had been matched up with 8 women. The ladies in the ladies’ room were not happy about these odds.

On a happier note, I met a lot of women I liked tonight.

And I officially turned lesbian.

Just kidding. For now.

I’m less worried about ratio and odds than I am about the No Good Men Syndrome. I’ve seen a number of articles complaining about women being picky, unpractical, searching for a non-existent ideal, slutty, whatever, so despite the controversial and disconcerting nature of the aforementioned article’s subject matter, this a refreshing finger pointed in the other direction, because people, the problem of our dating culture can’t simply be blamed on one (women) or the other (men). It’s an uncomfortable shift on both sides we’re negotiating here and it doesn’t matter how it started.

Which is why I would never change geography for wall-to-wall men, no matter how hot the cashier was at that one hot dog place in downtown LA. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are trials and tribulations in every city for every gender as evidenced by a recent note I received from a supremely frustrated guy in Las Vegas who is looking for women with more substance, and I’m not talking rec drugs. (Girls, if you live in LV and are of substance, let me know. I’ve got the hook up.)

However, I might very well make a move West based solely on the year-round availability of bacon avocados (no bacon or bacon flavor involved here) that you eat like an apple but not before drenching the tender green flesh in Meyer lemon juice.

Columbia Heights “Hotties” Guy Speaks!

Col. Heights Hotties Guy wants to stay behind the scenes, but he has a lot to say. I'm cool with that.

On the condition of anonymity, the guy who ran the missed connection on Craigslist about all the hotties in his ‘hood spoke up about why he ran the ad and his thoughts on dating in DC.  (Men are immature and date crazy bitches, and women have a stick up their ass are a tad uptight.)

He didn’t get any takers from the ad, but it doesn’t seem like that was the point of it anyway.

SS: What was the impetus behind this craigslist posting?
CHHG: Let’s say sometimes I just like saying what’s on my mind and not having any regrets the following morning that I didn’t say or express what was of that moment.

SS: Were you frustrated with dating or simply inspired by all the pretty ladies and just had to put it out there?
CHHG: The latter.

SS: How/where do you usually meet people in DC?
CHHG: I’m not a club goer (anymore) or a bar fly, but do have an okay social life.  Having grown up here, gone to college here, I know many circles of friends, which leads to meeting others, flirting, etc.  But having said that, many of my long-time friends are now married with kids. So that cuts down to basically zero the chance of meeting any of their single female friends or friends who are separated/about to be single. Occasionally, I do check out the CL dating ads, have placed a LTR ad a couple of times and did go out on a few dates with a woman I met on OKCupid.

Meeting women has never really been a problem for me.  I’m not patting myself on the back, but rather, I make friends with women much easier than with men– too many of whom I find immature and unbearable to be around with all the talk about their xbox, their new Audi,  some cool new stock they just bought or about their new skateboard. These are grown men.  Let’s say women and I tend to get along really well.

SS: Are you this outgoing all the time?
CHHG: Depends on the company, the situation, my mood.  I can be.  Having said that, most of the time I’m pretty low profile–the observant quiet type.

SS: How does dating in DC differ from other places you’ve lived/where you grew up?
CHHG: For the most part, women in DC take themselves MUCH TOO seriously, which kills the entire desire to ‘approach’.  My experience on the West Coast is 180 degrees different. Women are socially aggressive with an obvious sense of sexual liberties (not buttoned down like DC) and are easily approachable.

SS: What are your thoughts on how men date in DC?
CHHG: I know/have known too many guys who date crazy women.  I mean crazy.  (Sorry, i tend to keep my nose out of other people’s business, thus i don’t really have any thoughts on this.)