I’m writing a book about dating. It’ll be out sometime in 2009, if I ever finish it. I spent a year researching (that’d be dating–60 guys. ouch…ahhh) and this blog picks up where the book leaves off—with the departure of my summer fling and me wobbling back into dating life. Sometimes it’s funny, lots of times I cry, and the closer I get to 35 (beating down the door now) the more I want to throw in the towel because that’s when my eggs will be dried up—this according to my doctor who I recently fired for telling me that and for preaching about Jesus during my hoo-ha appointment. Not okay.

But I do believe in true love, and if people like Mary Kay Letourneau can find it, so can I.

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  1. What a hooker! 🙂 Fill me in…with ALL the details.