Making new [single] friends…

Women Victorian in Pond
Here’s my deal – I’m in my forties, kids, divorced. All my friends were married friends and I don’t have a built-in support system. My married friends don’t want to hear about dating except if they bring it up and only want a two-sentence summary. Any ideas on how to build a circle of single friends?

L in DC

Dear L,
I’m so sorry about your recent break up. That’s the pits. I’m also sorry your friends aren’t more invested in your dating life. That’s ridiculous. My married friends love talking about my dating life – living vicariously I suppose. I should introduce you to them. Seriously, I think you should tell your friends you need them to listen.
Grow a new circle of friends. How I did it: I got a part time job where I made a very good friend. She introduced me to a couple of her friends and my new circle grew from that.
Another great place to meet awesome single women: single’s events. Seriously. I have met so many amazing women at these things. I wonder if there are some single mom groups, too. There have to be. That would be perfect because you could talk about kids AND dating. Here’s one: DC Urban Moms and Dads. It’s a start!
Good luck out there and don’t forget to hold on to the old friends who care about you. One is silver and the other gold.
xo Rachel

One response to “Making new [single] friends…

  1. Playing roller derby is also a great way to make lots of awesome friends. Just sayin’.

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