#1 Practical Dating Tip for 1/1/11

chatty cathy doll

Chatty Cathy: She's kinda creepy. Don't emulate.

For everyone who has made getting back out there on the dating scene your 2011 resolution, this is the best bit of advice I’ve heard for how to be on a date:

Stop talking all the time. Whether you’re like me and have an irrational fear of conversational lulls and therefore bulldoze right through silences with inane chatter or you just like to hear yourself talk: stop. Take a break. Awkward lulls are not that big of a deal. (Worst case scenario, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to regroup.)  No need to control the conversation. Give your date a chance to ask you a question or talk about him/herself. Reciprocity is essential in any exchange. Let it happen. It will be way more fun.


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