You’d be a cat lady, too…

bart the cat

Bart, before he was famous.

Bart, my cat, is mentioned 10 times in The Science of Single. He’s usually laying on his back licking his balls while I fret/cry/winewhine over every aspect of my overanalyzed romantic life. He’s been a good buddy to me for a long time now (despite his tendency to be a complete and utter pill between 3 and 5 am), and while he, by no means, replaces my desire for a meaningful relationship with a human being, he’s definitely a better dinner companion than some dates I’ve been out with, and I think has played an important role in reducing the chances of me settling for not-quite-right.


6 responses to “You’d be a cat lady, too…

  1. Rachel, I like cats as you can give them attention.. just enough and they are satisfied. Knowing them is easier than people yet they can be more complex than most people. And there are cat people and dog people. BTW got a sample of your book. Great subject and approach, which is using yourself. So far no nothing about you. One can try to guess by your writing. And some of my favorite are those that expose themselves and do it earnestly in a way that you can understand the adventure. Which is what life is. …

  2. The Single Scientist

    Jose – Well, with Bart, there’s never enough attention. If there are free, idle hands within 10 feet of his fur, he expects a full-on molesting. Glad you’re interested in my approach – and you may not know much about me now, but you will once you read the book. I don’t think I’ve ever been more outwardly earnest and honest. Hope you like it! Rachel (p.s. how’d you get a sample?? did I send to you?)

  3. I am so happy I found your site…this is hysterical! Kinda wish I was single to commiserate, but I’m married with a 10 year old (and believe me the grass is always greener, but being a mom is awesome). And I think I may need to get your book to see how Bart handles it all…I am a cat lover for sure and have 4 of my own. Yes I know crazy! I also live right outside DC in Clarendon, your story about meeting Lorenzo was so funny too and it was cool to know exactly where you were walking. Looking forward to following your blog!!!

    • The Single Scientist

      Thanks Danielle! I’d like to think this book is a bit of a love letter to DC. I haven’t read many stories set in the city that truly capture it the way I know it. It’s all cap hill, politics and junk. So I’m glad it’s resonating in that way. and whoa – you have FOUR cats?! I love it. I want to get another, but Bart would probably eat it. Bart handled the dating part just fine, but he was NOT okay with the two weeks I pretty much ignored him while writing the first draft. And he let me know it. Litterbox be damned. xo rm

  4. I believe that cats are better pets for single people than are dogs because cats require much less attention.

    Dog ownership is a deal-breaker for me, as is owning a house or condo way out in the exurbs (e.g., Reston, Columbia).

  5. The Single Scientist

    Andrew – Are you allergic to dogs? If not, I think you are being picky – not that you asked what the hell I thought 🙂 I’m grappling with the commute-t0-date concept. It’s tough in DC. But what if someone trimmed in gold lives on in Sterling???

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