Are You a Good First Date?

Ooo! Ooo! A dating quiz. I did not score as high as I would have thought – though I disagree with some of the answer ratings. Go home to shower, change and unwind after work? Prolly not. But I don’t think I should be marked down for that. I’m just sayin’. The quiz is for dudes, too.

Biggest dealbreakers according to the matchmaker Michelle Jacoby:

For men – A women’s weight

For women – A man’s height

Tsk tsk. We are so superficial!


3 responses to “Are You a Good First Date?

  1. I’m with you – I scored somewhere in the middle but thought I would be higher. I don’t agree with some of the answers / scoring either but found it interesting anyways. So true about the man’s height though – that’s usually the first thing I look for. Oh well!

  2. I’m totally superficial about height. And, didn’t do so well on the quiz… I need to start studying dating books, they say 🙂

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