Country Confessional


If my songs ever get famous, I hope Ryan Bingham wants to sing one with me.

No. Not Taylor Swift. Me. I’ve taken to writing bad country songs about heartbreak and love. (I watched Crazy Heart and Honeysuckle Rose back to back, what can I say?) I’ve never written songs before in my life, though I used to write really bad poetry back in high school.

I seem to revel in heartbreak a hair more than the usual lass. Shoot. I’m not really heartbroken right now. But still, my new (only) songs have titles that go: “You Don’t Know That I Wear Bloomers to Bed,” “My Heart Sank,” “Last Season’s Dress (Another’ll Come Along),” and “He’ll Do What He Does (I Told You So).” One even has music to it though I can’t figure out how to actually play it on the guitar. One day I will and I will play it at open mic night, but hopefully  better than I did last week when I was accompanying my friend on the harmonica. Note: I don’t know how to play harmonica.


2 responses to “Country Confessional

  1. post recordings or this is fake……

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