Is it a sign? Or just a heart?

heart in concrete

It's totally a heart, right? But what does it mean?

I walk over this heart in concrete everyday on my way to work. Whenever I see a heart shape in objects and/or nature like concrete floors, potato chips, clouds, whatever, sometimes I think that maybe that means love is on the way. Really.  I truly, really think that. [And don’t think I didn’t just snort out my Brooklyn Lager typing that silly, pathetic truth.] I mean, I know it’s not true. But I still think it for a fleeting second. I kinda like the whimsical nature of this type of thinking. And hope springs eternal, I suppose.

It’s been a little more than a year since I first saw this here heart. Not much has happened love-wise. But if it DID happen, would that mean it was because of the heart in the concrete?


What if the heart in cold, hard concrete is a sign that love is not on the way. Concrete hearts are not lovable after all. Wow. That would suck.

Or what if I step on the heart on the floor and that means I’m crushing love?

Mwah ha ha ha ha.

[Just kidding. Love is awesome. And it’s always happening as The Today Show proved today with its seriously awkward wedding.]

Peace friends. I’m going out to nature for the weekend where I’m sure to see lots of heart shapes in leaves and waves in the lake, and nuthatches will be swirling around my head while I trill in a high soprano.


One response to “Is it a sign? Or just a heart?

  1. don’t step on the heart!
    i STILL stare down at the sidewalk and carefully walk two steps on each square, so that i don’t “step on a crack, break your mothers back” LOL

    hi Rachel, I miss you! did craft night fizzle out or what?

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