Places you won’t meet [straight] men

I’m supposed to be doing the things I love to meet people with common interests because I don’t want to go here anymore. HOWEVER. Most of the things I love to do are girl-oriented. For instance, trapeze school. Lots of women. And gay men. There are straight men sometimes, but they are usually filming their girlfriends.

So straight guys: Trapeze school is the place for you!

As for me, I think I’m going to have to take up pretending to like football. Sigh.


2 responses to “Places you won’t meet [straight] men

  1. Suggestion – you don’t have to pretend to like football. Tell a guy who really knows football well that you don’t understand what’s going on. “Why is this” and “Why is that”. You’ll get info about the sport and incidentally about the guy – and you might even enjoy Sundays a little better!

    • The Single Scientist

      I don’t know that I can fake that! I think stifled yawns would give away my ruse. “So [male person], why are those large men [yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnn…..strettttttccccccccchhhhhhh] jumping all over each other in tights again?” heh heh.

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