Summer Reading Sans Sex

Finally, solid summer reading. I like the experiment conceit (obviously), though I think her approach was a little more virtuous than mine.


11 responses to “Summer Reading Sans Sex

  1. You’d have a harder time finding a similar book written by a man, I think.

    • The Single Scientist

      R- You are 100% right, though I’m not sure why that matters. I like a human interest story about someone trying something new in order to understand themselves better. Remember, it was Huey Lewis who sang, “I Want a New Drug”. But did he have the balls to try it? (I want to say yes given Duets.)

  2. It doesn’t matter. Just sayin’.

  3. zankouchickenz

    Stephen’s interviews are usually frustrating, going for laughs rather than substance.
    Her definition of sex culled from the abridged Bill Clinton dictionary.

    • The Single Scientist

      Ha! I still haven’t read the book. I’m going to get it for my island vacation in August.

      [I want to meet stephen colbert!]

  4. stephen rarely books novelists.
    right now, your lit agent is playing internet scrabble.

  5. !!!

    • The Single Scientist

      I’m not sure where this fits in with all the comments here, but my office really enjoyed watching the clip. Thanks for sending 🙂

  6. imma just sayin’ that as a nonfiction writer, you have a better chance of an appearance.
    and with a little hard work from the publisher, You Can Do It!

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