Love Love Love

Two things happened the other day that reminded me that good real love is worth holding out for :

1. My very first love ever contacted me. (Thank you Linked In.) We were 17, in high school and I’m not sure what we had in common besides going to the same high school, being in the same grade and sharing a locker (which is like living together back then). He used to let me shave his flat top and one time he shaved the hair right above my neck into a buzz. And what more do you need? We just like each other a lot. Loved each other. And he was a good hugger and a great kisser. We haven’t been in touch over the years. But he found me and we got to exchange emails and tell each other about our lives. I wanted to apologize for being such a PAIN IN THE ASS girlfriend. But I didn’t because he said he had such great memories and I didn’t want to ruin that. I haven’t been in love in a long while, so it’s nice to be reminded that I was once. And it was really, really great.

2. Washington Post launched their I Do – Washington Weddings section. I’m mildly obsessed with it. I don’t normally like reading engagement announcements, but there’s something about having the couple tell you themselves, and not reading some stuffy, regurgitated story. The kayak couple is so cute and I love that they met in the dressing room of a kayak shop. I love that their love of kayaking brought them love.


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