Look Into My Eyes

gazing party

Staring contest or date? Maybe they should just thumb wrestle.

Speed dating minus talking equals gazing party. (And I thought I had tried it all.) So I guess you just sit and look at the other person and absorb them in a more thoughtful way than spouting off at the mouth about your job or your cat. It’s a more visceral experience, which apparently is better when sizing someone up for a date. It certainly beats trying to get the attention of random dudes across the weight-room floor. (Apparently you have to make eye contact with a guy 13 times before he’ll come talk to you. What the what??)

The gazing-party concept hit DC in April after wild success in NY and SF. Of course. Those cities always embrace stuff like this. I can’t imagine anyone in DC being into this though because you don’t get to talk about your job and it’s practically impossible to make eye contact with strangers here. Nonetheless, I signed up to receive a 24-page guide on how to host my own eye-gazing party.

Personally, I think I would laugh if I tried this. And really, is looking at a guy (or gal) enough to decide you want to go out with him (or her)? What if you hate his voice? The tone of a love interest’s voice is key to attraction. Or what if he hypnotizes you and makes you squawk like a duck or something ridiculous like that? Just kidding. That’s silly.

I think gazing has it’s place though. I like the idea of going on a regular date and holding his gaze without plowing through typical get-to-know-you fare like I usually do. Maybe I will try this. But let’s be honest. I’m gonna laugh. My ass off. Bahahahahha.


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