But will Facebook do the breaking up for you?

facebook effect tee shirt

I sort of want this tee.

As the powers that be at Facebook pluck around privacy issues, The Facebook Effect comes out and dishes on Mark Z.‘s propensity to mine user date in his down time to predict break ups (or who’ll you’ll date next.)

First off, someone please get Mark a new job.

Secondly, am I the only one who’s annoyed by watching romances go down and up and down again through a profile update? That stupid heart when someone is in a relationship and the broken heart when it doesn’t work out that shows up on my news feed (as if I care)–it all just seems so silly. And unimportant. (That said, every time I’ve dated someone and seen their FB profile continue to say “single” and “interested in: women” well after the 4th date and sleepovers, it has admittedly made me nutso. TMI folks. TMI.)

If FB could go ahead and take the break-up prediction a step further and perhaps send an auto-email with the news to both parties once they’ve determined it’s just not going to work out based on page views and wall post verbiage, I would be in some serious awe.


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