I heart Macs?

I would actually rather date the Mac guy. It's true.

On a date recently, mid-meal, the lovely man across from me leaned in and said he had to tell me something important. He whispered confidentially, I’m a Mac. It was pretty funny.

I told him, I’m a Mac, too.

And then we rushed over to the courthouse and got married.

The End.

Just kidding about the married part.

Sure, I think it’s great that a guy I went on a date with uses a Mac. Is that a dealmaker? Not really. Holding doors and walking on the street side of the sidewalk, however, will win me over any old day of the week.

That said, Apple is banking on the fact that being a Mac, or more precisely, adoring Apple products, is grounds enough for at least one date. And here we have Cupidtino. In case you missed SNL last night with Betty White [ah-MAZE-ing…best show in 20 years] with the Cupidtino shout out, it’s a “new social dating website exclusively for Apple fans.” That’s what their Twitter page says.

I love my Mac. Don’t get me wrong. Like I told the aforementioned date, I am a Mac. But I don’t need to be exclusively dating Macs. I don’t think. Who knows? Maybe that’s what I’ve been missing all these years. Apple people are pretty smart. Maybe they’re onto something.

Cupidtino launches in June. You heard it here 10th. There will be a monthly fee, but no one knows how much yet. My Match.com sub just ended so maybe I’ll look into it. Maybe. I’m down with Macs, but I have a feeling the people on Cupidtino (terrible name, BTW) will also be people with iPhones, and everyone knows people with iPhones are always on their iPhones. Hello! Human. Right here in front of you. Just sayin’.


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