The Waiting (is the hardest part).

You’ve had a couple good dates. Let’s even say awesome. You can’t wait to see him again. You’re resisting the Facebook stalk (good for you). But maybe what if you send a wee text? Just to say hi. There’s no harm in that right?

No. Not really. Buuuuut…

Okay. I might get in trouble for saying this by ultra feminists and guys who claim not to play by the rules of pursuit (the jury’s still out for me whether this man exists). But I think it’s good to wait it out. Actually, if there’s anything I learned from all the dates I’ve been on in my life, this is the #1 rule. Let him come to you. Not in a hard-to-get way. More, you’re busy. You have things to do. People to see. He knows you’re there. And he probably has at least three ways to get in touch with you.

I also say this because my friend Josh told me once not to sweat it when I was contemplating what to do in between dates and holding my breath until he called. He instructed me to wait it out. “He’ll call,” he said.

But really, what is there to do but clear your schedule and wait, hoping?

Lots of things. Here’s what I do between a date and the next time he calls. (See how I don’t wait? Well, at least not obviously so.):

1. Go on another date. Yes, really. You aren’t in a relationship. You should keep dating around.

2. Do a face mask.

3. Go dancing with friends.

4. Learn another language. (If you’re fluent before he calls, please move on.)

5. Plant a container garden and watch that sucker grow if you have to.

6. Ride your bike.

7. Listen to Tom Petty. (He’s strangely kind of hot right?)

Things not to do:

1. Check your phone a million times.

2. Check your email a million times.

3. Check your Facebook page a million times.

4. Call all your friends to analyze why he hasn’t called yet. (I would never do this. Nope. Never.)

5. Text him.

I repeat: DO NOT TEXT HIM. If you can’t stop yourself from contacting him, then you make the phone call. If you’re like me, the facemask will all of a sudden become a much more palatable option.

Important note: I don’t think this type of waiting should continue forever in a relationship. Just the beginning. It will all even out soon. Promise.


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