Don’t Just Smile. Say Hi.

Damn, I love it when I’m right! And timely. WaPo’s coverage today on dating guru Demetria Lucas who says smiling and saying “Hi” is the #1 way to meet men. I’m so happy she agrees with me that I can’t even be mad at her for having my dream job.

Sadly, smiling and saying “Hi” is very, very hard when it’s someone you’ve been stalking eyeing, such as Gym Crush. Last night, I had the resolve of Evil Sayid angling for a Nadia resurrection. I was going to smile at GC. But he wasn’t there. Or so I thought. And then I see GC and I’m caught off guard, so I sort of smile in a constipated grimace kind of way. Like when Samantha runs into Jake at the dance in Sixteen Candles (delete sound and then go to :52). Or, not quite as accurate, but still works:

She looks more blank than constipated, admittedly. Still, no smile.

She turns away confused. He wants to talk.

Even at the end when Jake rescues Sam from her sister's wedding, she's still a little constipated. But hey, it's Jake Ryan. I don't blame her. He was much less intimidating in Vision Quest.

I will conquer you Gym Crush with your hunky biceps if it’s the last thing I do. Okay. Now I just sound creepy.

I should say, that I did this exact dance about 5 years ago with a bartender I was stalking eyeing. I did eventually say hi and introduce myself. We even went out on a date. It did not end well. But man, that was some brave business.


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