Just Smile

I smile at strangers tee shirt

The #1 way to get a date.

There aren’t a lot of random smilers in DC, and it’s a brave thing to be the one to break through the mold of sour-grapes grimaces and flash your pearly off-whites, mostly because you know about 87.46% of people you smile at will reject you – meaning they won’t smile back. But the ones that do…oh my, it can be uplifting. I practice smiling at strangers from time to time because when it comes time to smile at someone you like like, it won’t be so daunting. So they say. I started practicing the smiling tactic a couple years ago and I still remember the guy who beamed back at me that one time. Sun rays literally shot out of his head.  I think a unicorn flew by over a rainbow, too. It was magic.

I find this smiling-at-strangers practice important for meeting people in person because, let’s face it, no one walks to talk to a sour puss. Side benefit: smiling boosts confidence and it makes you look real approachable. Except when you’re me smiling at Gym Crush, in which case you’d look constipated.

Here’s a nice article on the different types of smiles and why they are so wonderful.


5 responses to “Just Smile

  1. i know! exchanging a smile with a stranger is weirdly the best feeling!!!

    • The Single Scientist

      seriously! it’s the great leveler of human spirit. i’m not sure what that means. but it keeps us human.

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  3. This past winter, while getting ready to go skiing in Montana, I smiled at Cindy Crawford. She smiled back – not expecting that. I melted. Smiling is good.

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