Thank you, Christina Hendricks. Thank you.

I think this picture speaks for itself.

A dating coach told me once that women have a hard time dating when they are unhappy with their weight. Likewise, men hold off when they don’t feel financially secure. These are generalizations, but I have definitely had my moments when I stopped dating because I didn’t feel good about myself, and that lack of confidence is usually directly tied into the number on the scale or the way my clothes fit now that I don’t have to stuff my yellow-and-white polka-dot bikini with Puffs tissue like I did when I was a gangly preteen. (And yes, that’s a true story. I was tired of being laughed at for being flat chested.)

Anyway, apparently curves are back thanks in part to my new girl crush Christina Hendricks aka Joan on Mad Men. (You really should be watching this show, if for nothing else the clothes and Jon Hamm. Mildly obsessed here.)


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