Google stalking and other random musings.

I'll take the one 2nd from the right please. kthx.

I was watching the Today show this morning and those little hostess ladies were giddy about Date Check, which allows you to check up on potential dates to make sure you aren’t about to break bread with a creepy sex offender, ex-con and such. (If he has a tear drop tattoo near his eye, this is a bad sign.) Thing is, you have to PAY for the dang credit check. Like $30. Why would I pay for this when there is Facebook and Google for free? And if that fails, I have a friend who is like freaking Sherlock Holmes when it comes to digging up dirt on people. She gets the scoop. It’s kinda magical.

Of course, Facebook is not going to tell you about someone’s criminal activity, but profiles can indicate a sense of warning or doom. Or tell you that the person that you met online, that you are about to go out with, is friends with the brother of the guy you just broke up with. Uncomfortable. It’s a small world out there folks.

Much to my parent’s chagrin, I don’t worry too much about criminals. I’ve encountered a lot of random men and there has only been one that I decided not to go out with after a cursory telephone conversation during which he asked me if I was a top or a bottom. I was like, “Uh, both? I have to go now.” What does that even mean for straight people?

Bottom line – if you’re freaked out in a hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck way, don’t go. Don’t confuse this with anxiety about dating, though. If that means paying for the dang criminal check so you can learn how to distinguish between the two, so be it. Rule of thumb: For new dates, tell someone where you’re going and how long you’ll be out just to be on the safe side. And don’t get drunk and go home with him on the first date. (I know you’re going to, but I just felt like I had to say this.) This is less about safety because most likely, you’re fine, and more about self preservation if you’re looking for a relationship. He won’t buy the cow if he gets the milk for free. It’s a cliche for a reason kids.


3 responses to “Google stalking and other random musings.

  1. Good advice, I used to always tell someone where and when I was going and how I met the guy. “Tell the police to start with my laptop,” I’d say… LOL!

  2. creepy. if my date told me they checked my background, it’s their trust i would question.
    although i would like to know if they held elected office, those folks are saleeeeazy.

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