Best Dates. Ever.


Michael and Stephanie on the hottest cool rider date ever.

Most of the dates I’ve been on have consisted of me, a man, a table and two chairs, and probably two too many gimlets. Standard and usually fun. Then there are the dates in which me and the man have broken the mold — shoved our chairs away from the table and did something different. These dates fall into the category of Best Dates. Ever. My top 4, in no particular order:

1. Motorcycle ride through Rock Creek Park. Second or third date. Exhilarating. A little…different…to be straddling a relative stranger from behind, but kind of exciting, and according to a friend, who’d also been on a motorcycle date, everyone should have one.

2. Day picnic at Delaware National Park near Dewey Beach. Second date. I drove. He supplied the picnic. It was awesome.

3. Sneaking up to the rooftop of the Washington Hotel in December. Two or three months into dating. We danced in the moonlight. It was magical.

4. Frisbee. First date! We talked under an old oak to wait out a rainstorm and then tossed the Frisbee around with neighborhood kids. Then we had Belgian beer at a French cafe. Parfait.

Not everyone has a motorcycle, sometimes it’s too cold for Frisbee and the beach, and sadly the Washington Hotel is now a W (with serious security so it’s doubtful you could sneak up to the roof), so sometimes restaurants are the way to go. My picks for DC:

1. Room 11: Doesn’t get more intimate than this.

2. Et Voila: It’s like being in Brussels, except you’re in the Palisades.

3. Firefly: Perfect lighting, perfect drinks.

Bonus ideas for recreational dates: Putt Putt on H Street, hiking the Billy Goat Trail.

And if you’re in NYC dating, Epistrophy is quite lovely in a very rustic Italian way.


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