Patience and Compassion


Mine looks nothing like this.

I was attempting this pose at about 7:45 this morning. It didn’t much look like this. The backdrop was just as nice—my yoga studio has pretty orange walls—but I did not have the wicking clothes or good hair shown above. I was pretty much in my jammies with terrible bedhead and worse breath, and there was a lot more muscle resistance and a strap to bridge my physical incapabilities involved. But my instructor said it didn’t matter. It wasn’t so much attaining the perfect post; it was observing what was happening right then. And being patient and compassionate, because when you can be that way with yourself you can be that way with others. So, Lord of the Dance pose it is because, I don’t know if anyone else is noticing the havoc in the air lately (I’ll blame the moon phase as usual) but it is intense. Luckily, I have a champagne formal thingy to go to tomorrow. Bubbles always smooth things over. Especially when imbibed while wearing a fun frock. Bon soir!


2 responses to “Patience and Compassion

  1. oooh champagne formal thingy?!?! oooh la la la la! i just started yoga last week, so no matter how bad your attenpt at that pose was, there’s always someone like me who’s much much worse!

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