Spoon, Spoon

Spooning: The Gateway Hug

Spooning: The Gateway Hug

I love talking about spooning. Almost as much as I love the act of spooning. I prefer to be the big spoon. The spooner. (I have to pee a lot.) I knew a guy who created the Spooneeze. It was a hollow pillow that the spooner could slip his/her arm through to protect it from getting crushed. The spoonee would naturally rest his/her head on the pillow.  Great idea. Terrible in execution. (Imagine a large aluminum toilet paper roll that’s almost out of paper.)

Cooler nights + spooning = serious oxytocin high. No one to spoon? No problem.

Listen to these guys while you’re at it.


2 responses to “Spoon, Spoon

  1. ewww . . . spooning party

  2. The Single Scientist

    Totally. It’s reminding me of Spring Break 94. Key West. Gravel campground. 3-person tent with 5 people, one of which was a smelly guitarist my friend picked up. And his guitar. It was warm. It smelled. The guitarist got the boot.

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