My Heart Is A Flying Trapeze

[I made some bold promises last week and I’m here to make good on them. Behold, a blog post about trapeze, flying, dating, timing, love, and pink monkeys. Drum roll please…]

Timing is everything in trapeze. Otherwise, you’re barely skimming fingers when you should be locking arms and flying through the air weightless like a cloud instead of your ass is dropping in the net. In trapeze class, you have to do everything the instructor says exactly when she says it—not so simple when you’re staring down a bed of concrete more than 20 feet below. (I trimmed my false start from the video. Oh, the magic of iMovie.) Trust is the other part of the equation. My instructors were so supportive and encouraging, I probably would have leaped without a net.

Of course, timing and trust make me think of dating and relationships. Especially timing, which is something I’ve been pondering quite a bit lately. (I’ve also been ruminating over patterns, too, though I will save that for another post.) I used to believe timing was everything. The only thing. A friend reminded me the other day over lunch of more pumpkin-mash delight from my Merlindia boyfriends (who will hopefully ask me to join their 2015 circus with my developing trapeze act) that, just as important as good timing—because really, when is there ever a situation when two people are in the same exact place in life?—is finding someone who is willing to work out the kinks with you. To sand down the edges so the square peg eventually fits in the round hole.

I liked that because we’re not completely at the mercy of timing, whether it be bad, off or in a different zone.

There are two other things I loved about trapeze. One: I actually enjoyed the process. Normally, I resist the process of anything. I just want to be done, to know the results and to not have to drift in tides of uncertainty.  Two: I am good at trapeze. The video above, taken by Shira’s boyfriend Chris (thanks by the way), was my second flight. By the end of the class, I’d mastered the beginner techniques and I was able to make a catch, which involves swinging upside down to someone else who is also swinging upside down, locking arms and letting go. Swinging from the arms of someone else was … freeing.

And now for the pink monkey, to tie it all together.

Pink Monkey
Trapeze-school mascot.

[Music in video is “Blue Turning Grey” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah if anyone cares and/or copyright people get their panties in a bundle because who the hell knows how music on home videos published to a blog works.]


4 responses to “My Heart Is A Flying Trapeze

  1. Uhhh. That’s awesome. I want video of the catch and release. And more love lessons. I’m constantly trying to put that square in that circle. We are diff creatures… We def don’t match. My best to your future flights!

  2. You look far too graceful and comfortable swinging through the air.

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