My New Bestie

Slinky Minx Karen O.

Slinky Minx Karen O.

If you haven’t already met her, let me introduce you to Karen O., my new idol. I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at 930 this past weekend and it was the best damn live show I’ve seen since this guy serenaded me and my girl Ashbellina last year and Smashing Pumpkins at Lollapalooza 1994. I love Karen O. Love love love love love love love her. The tore up tights, day-glo mini, sparkle hi-tops, water spraying, shawl parading, melodramatic posturing and microphone fellatio (sort of). Give me all of it Karen, and more. Seriously ya’lls. You’ve been missing out if you haven’t seen the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live. It’s like if Deborah Harry, Amy Mann, Chrissy Hind, Joan Jett and my friend’s Pia and Chris’ three girls who love playing dress up all ran at warp speed and smashed into each other. At about the same time, Def Leopard is ground up with a synthesizer in a wood chipper and the remnants are sprinkled on top of the eighties-ladies/pre-school melange. It fucking works. I bet with that analogy, you don’t believe. Let me wipe away that cloud of disbelief:

That’s Nick on the guitar. He’s friends with my friend. I totally met him backstage after the concert. I did not meet Karen O. I wasn’t worthy. But I stood near her. I ogled a little. She didn’t mind.


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