The men are all right here:


Pay no mind to this chicky with the rolling pin.

Okay, so I read somewhere once that the best place to meet guys is at a cheap, divey bar with the  Buck Hunter video game. Or Chipotle, for mornings after nights spent at said cheap, divey bar. And yeah, the guys do frequent both places. But you know where the mens are in DC? (And I know you do, because I wonder that myself pretty much ALL OF THE TIME.) They are belly up at the bar at Potenza for happy hour. Last I was there, the population was easily 99.4 percent male. (I made that number up, yes I did.) And, they are in their work suits, so they are on their best behavior. Two gentlemen even gave up their stools for me and my friend during my first jaunt, instantly quieting my overall feeling and fear that chivalry is dead. Perhaps it was just that one night, so I will be making another voyage very soon. But this much I know, if you do go and see the tall one in seersucker, um, he’s mine. Kthanks.


2 responses to “The men are all right here:

  1. dont meet a guy at a bar.
    unless you live at bars.

    but if you like other stuff, meet them while doing that other stuff.

    you go to a nice bakery for really good bread, not the supermarket.

    a bar is the supermarket.

  2. The Single Scientist

    is true. so true.

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