Oxymoron: Ideal Husband

Maureen Dowd: Give me a fucking break.

Actually, it’s not the topic or headline of her lame article that gets my panties in a twist, because, yeah, there ARE ideal husbands. (And I don’t think that’s an oxymoron. I was just being cute.) But a list of ideal traits for a husband from a priest? That’s all you can come up with Maureen? The list is fine, but really, you get paid for top 10 lists? On an Op-Ed column? No commentary? No insight? You dated Michael Douglass or something. Shouldn’t you have something jaded and cynical to say? Or go for the supportive vibe because God knows if you sass what a priest says, you’re just asking for a one-way tix to H-E-double hockey sticks.

In WAY more interesting and opinionated news, I talked to Neighbor and we’re being Neighborly again. He realized what an ASSHOLE he was being and apologized. So now we’re friends again. It’s weird to be friends with someone you want to rip clothes off of you’re kind of attracted to but actually don’t have that much in common with. I’m kind of like, if we’re not going to have sex, what’s the point? But then if we did have sex, it would be over very very quickly. Just like all those other guys I got involved with without really knowing and only had the physical connection to keep us, uh, connected. Ultimately, I really am looking for the this (thanks Moe) and we’ll just have to see if Neighbor is that. It’s not looking likely, given the behavior, but I’m willing to check it out for a little longer. Nothin else to do.

The good news is I don’t have to give up rent control. Yay me.


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