flirting in traffic


I signed up with a year ago. It was strictly for book research. And I figured since I was always commuting, might as well try it, right? I mean, there have been times when I’ve been slogging down 66 and see a cute guy not picking his nose and wish I had a sign with my phone number on it. I even contemplated making said sign. But come one. I’m not that desperate.

So yeah you sign up with FiT and put up a picture of you and your car and they give you a bumper sticker number that you can actually purchase and put on your car (I never did that). There’s no real flirting in traffic though. It’s just an online dating sight for motorheads who live in Florida and Indiana. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those states. I like Disney and John Cougar. (Always thought it was a shame he changed his name back. Cougar is so ferocious.))

Lots of mullets and muscle cars, which I might have dug back in 1987. Okay no. Alas. I still have a pic up on the site and get an email every now and again from men taking a break from nose picking and Howard Stern on XM to flirt. The latest is from megadude. Owns a silver GMC (and a Hog), Pisces, has the hottest mustache I ever seen and wears shirts like this and this. Hot right? I love it:

Too bad hyundais don’t come with a 10 year accident warranty.* LOL… From the heart sorry you’ car got hit. I’d be up set a bit if it was mine.

I hbought a death cab for cuttie** cd and was rather dissapointed. The local rado station was pushing thier music and I bought a death cab CB. Mybe I got the wrong the wrong one. Was just some guy playing a piano and rather mellow.

Does Death Cab have any blood rushing music ? Or are they are that mellow ? Don’t get me wrong,, death cab is good but just to easy listening. Would be nice to listen with the right person durring a candle lit dinner and some dim lighting.

I’m attracted to you…….

*picture of my car after it was attacked by an angry dumpster

**I mentioned on my profile that I like Death Cab for Cutie. Thought it was thematically appropriate.

No word from the Top 5. Except for Canada who’s pushing for the Frisbee date and agreed to guitar lessons in exchange for cupcakes. So cute. Seriously, it’s cute right?

A ha! JUST got an email from him. He’s talking Frisbee in the next 48 hours. Do I go? Or am I busy? I actually am busy. But a little Frisbee and park bench chatter could be so fun. I could go for just an hour…


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