Make that FIVE

Five men. All emailing me. I think I might have, uh, forgotten about some random winks and emails I threw out there. I was trying to be all loose and fun. Now I’m just overwhelmed. But secretly pleased. (I guess it’s not a secret anymore.) Might have to start prioritizing:

1. Midwestern Stock – We like him. He’s good people.

2. Canada – He says “eh.” I heart Canadians. I can’t not date him. Unless he doesn’t want to date me.

3. New Guy aka Monster (inside joke, you wouldn’t understand) – Most funny. At least over email.

4. Cali Boy – There’s something about him that makes me think all he’s looking for is play. I could be wrong. Will require further research and development.

5. Angry Nun – No pic. Seriously young. Lives not in DC. I think we have our sacrificial lamb. Unless he sends a picture.

This list didn’t really help.


4 responses to “Make that FIVE

  1. why must we narrow down? Isn’t dating a numbers game? Call me crazy but I say juggle them there 5 boys. I’m sure one or two will get weeded out in due time. No need to weed them out prematurely. What if angry nun IS hot? What if candian guy is missing his two front teeth, eh? What if monster turns out to be a monster? Let’s just do our own little (slightly modified) version of, shall we?

  2. Edie is so wise. And remember, you can always send some of them my way. Unless they’re missing teeth or actually are monsters, that is.

  3. clare is so wise for recognizing how wise I am

  4. The Single Scientist

    you both are so wise. and clare, you can have Angry Nun. He’s your age. 🙂

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