My Cup Runneth Over

One man, two man, three man, four. Yep, I’ve entered into the world of menzzz. PLURAL. I emailed Angry Nun back (Edie told me to), got a third email from Cali Boy who actually already invited me out to meet him for some wine this eve (unfortunately I had to blog), and this dude I winked at weeks ago finally emailed me back. I’d written him off actually, and thought maybe it’s better anyway because I realized he looks like a blond Phil…kind of is a blond Phil with the whole PhD, musician, good hair thing going on. Except he’s Canadian. And he used “eh” in his email.
How cute is that?
And then there’s Midwestern Stock, who’s turning out to be totally totally cool. He’s traveling to Chile (which I’m sure he pronounces chee-lay) for work. And stopping over in Buenos Aires for the weekend. Here’s the thing though…he put out the personal email addy. Which is death, because then he gets my whole name and starts the googling and the first thing that pops up is this article I wrote on dating two years ago, which will lead to a conversation about “do I still write about dating?” which leads to talking about the dating book, which leads to him googling it more and then potentially finding this here blog where I talk about being boy crazy and call him Midwestern Stock.
Fuck. What do I do?
I might as well not even bother. Or maybe change the blog address. Or maybe make a blanket from my cat’s fur and hide under that until this book is done. Or the rest of my life.
In happier news, me likey my new hair. It’s still really dark (as if it would fade in 2 days) and I still look terrible when I wake up in the morning (though maybe I always did). But I’m digging it. I feel more grown up for some reason. This may be because I feel like I have to put on make up and dress a little nicer to pull off the new look. Whateves. I feel my mojo making a comeback.
Gonna sleep on this Midwestern Stock issue. And Edie (and anyone else) if you have some suggestions… (and I know you do.)

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