Children of the Corn


Yay! We have a taker. Midwestern Stock emailed me back! He’s pretty darn cute, though totally not my type. Sort of blond and smiley. He also might lack notes of sarcasm—and any sort of edge whatsoever. You know how those Midwesterners are. Very straightforward. But my dad’s from the land of corn, too, and he aight. And I can sometimes not be sarcastic.

What’s good: He’s a “big fan of honesty,” which sounds awesomely cheesy out of context of the profile, but whateves. I’d totally forgotten that being more honest was my New Year’s resolution. Funny how I haven’t been so honest with myself since I made that resolution. Maybe ol’ Midwest can help me with that.

I will wait a few hours before emailing because I’m VERY busy.


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