A girl can dream.

You know what? I’m-a-gonna paint this picture.


Wanna know why? Because this is what I want. I want a man in a funny hat (you can’t really see the hat, but it is funny) who brings me flowers, and when he just has to have one more kiss before he leaves to go to the office or ballet class as his black lycra, ass-hugging Baryshnikov tights would indicate, he literally swoops in with a bendy neck twist and lands another smoocher on me. Surprise! See how surprised I am? He just really wants to kiss me one more time. And see how we’re practically floating? I want that, too. And the pretty red carpet? Yes, I’ll take that as well.

So I’m going to paint this picture in painting class so it will come true.


One response to “A girl can dream.

  1. You know, I bet this ethereal sense of huggy-huggy is rampant among heroine addicts and members of boy bands. Always floating on air, feeling groovy and loved. It’s a nice thought, and your classmates will no doubt be inspired by your work. But I think you should consider adding the single scientist twist: perhaps instead of love causing the flotation, maybe instead it’s flatulence. What would THAT look like? Just a thought…

    Thanks for helping me launch my blog. Maybe we can have dueling blogs, like, I’ll write something on my blog that either humors or infuriates you, then you can respond on your blog by posting something equally funny or offensive, and vice versa. That way, we’ll look supremely popular in the blogosphere. See you at mass for the next 72 hours.


    Father Feely

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