Hold On, Hold Out

A good friend of mine sent these Jackson Browne lyrics to me a couple weeks ago. I didn’t really read it. Too distracted. After finding a glimmer of confidence in my being yesterday and feeling lighter and airier than I had in months, I was getting distracted and sad again today. (Just when you think you’ve moved past it….)

Anyway, I ran across the lyrics while cleaning out my email. I read them this time. They made me feel better. So will getting my hair cut. I’m doing that tonight. And I’m signing up for a painting class, which will be so awesome. And I’m thinking some kind of piercing, though maybe wait on that idea. Pain and blood shouldn’t necessarily replace sadness and anger.

Hold on hold out, keep a hold on strong
The money’s in and the bets are down
You won’t hold out long
They say you’ll fall in no time at all
But you know they’re wrong
Known it all along

Hold on hold out, keep a hold on still
If you don’t see what your love is worth
No one ever will
You’ve done your time on the bottom line
And it ain’t no thrill
There’s got to be something more
Keep a hold on still
You know what it is you’re waiting for
Now you just hold on
Hold on hold out, hold on

Give up your heart and you lose your way
Trusting another to feel that way
Give up your heart and you find yourself
Living for something in somebody else
Sometimes you wonder what happens to love
Sometimes the touch of a friend is enough

Hold a place for the human race
Keep it open wide
Give it time to fall or climb
But let the time decide
Sometimes you wonder what’s in this for you
But you wait, and you see
‘Cause it’s all you can do
Just to hold on
Hold on hold out, hold on

For the countless souls beaten by their goals
Keep a hold on now
And the ones betrayed by the deals they made
Keep a hold on
If you hold your ground it’ll turn around
Keep a hold somehow

Hold on hold out, keep a hold on tight
Tonights the night
Wake up and turn on the light
You fight, and you’re right…
It’s gonna take all your might…

You’re a hold out
Well I’m a hold out too
But it took me all this time to figure out
Something you already knew
Will love be true? Can it pull you through?
How long? How strong?
Somethings depend on you
See… I always figured I was going to meet somebody here
and I don’t know why
Why should love come down and suddenly just sweep me away
I want to fly
But there are so many things in my way

I guess you wouldn’t know unless I told you
I love you
Well just look at yourself…
What else would I do?

Hold on…


One response to “Hold On, Hold Out

  1. The Single Scientist

    I find out now that the friend who sent these lyrics to me thing they are totally cheesy. Not only do I feel like a jerk for getting dumped, but I feel like a dumbass for finding solace in stupid songs. Whateves.

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