Mispredicted Distress

Breaking up not that hard? That’s what this study “Mispredicting Distress Following Romantic Breakup: Revealing the Time Course of the Affective Forecasting Error” from Northwestern University found. Well, actually, it found that it’s not as hard as you think it will be. I wish I would have been in that study (and yes there were people in there from two-month-long relationships). I could have crashed the data with my mispredicted distress: “I’ll be better in a week”. Please. Stupid fucking study. (I’m actually not that bitter or mad anymore. Why would I be? Guys chase me up steep hills now. I just like the way “stupid fucking” sounds. It’s silly.)


3 responses to “Mispredicted Distress

  1. Actually, my breakup was way less painful than I thought it would be, but I just figured that’s because I mostly refused to acknowledge it. (What? Denial can be a very effective coping mechanism!) Maybe not, though…or maybe everyone else who participated in the study was in denial, too.

  2. denial’s not just a river in asia you know

  3. The Single Scientist

    and denial is a stage of loss…very possible

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