#70 Difficult Break Ups

Yep – it’s stuff white people like. Dammit. Why do I have to be so cliche? I mean I was already feeling stupid for being upset about a break up from a relationship that lasted two months during which I wouldn’t even call him my boyfriend and now kind of get it that we were never really on the same page with our feelings and man, I must of scared old Phil with wanting to have something more with him.

Now I feel stupid because I’m white and I do stuff white people do. Though I technically haven’t done anything this post suggests (fights in public, dinners with friends for the sole purpose that I wouldn’t have to be alone). Oh except for this part:

“The majority of white person art is created after a difficult breakup; films, indie music, and poetry are all kicked into high production during the end of a relationship. This helps train white people to prepare for the pain that is coming.”

Though I wouldn’t exactly call this blogging art. I’m just writing about every stage of loss I go through and uploading lame songs to track how I’m feeling.

That’s not stupid. That’s just queer.


One response to “#70 Difficult Break Ups

  1. that’s exactly why i don’t like white people

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