Motorcycle Guy a.k.a Casper

Not a peep for two weeks from MG (though, as soon as Simon showed up, any email from MG became moot anyway) and then this:

“I’m sorry not to have been in touch. I’m still not really in touch, but hopefully with this little time holder you’ll know that I’m trying. I’m not really around until Monday next and then only as a ghost. Talk to you soon, MG”

Does someone have a decoder ring because I don’t know what the hell that means. I mean, COME ON. There are no place holders after two dates, if that’s what you would call our outings. Thing is, I kind of just don’t care because I kinda just forgot about him.

Now what to do with his wine glasses and bowl and dishtowel that were once so charming and now such a nuisance.


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