Motorcycle Guy…..sigh. Quite possibly one of the most engaging people I’ve met in a long time. Smart. Introspective. Intuitive. And so dreamy. Like dreamy. Soft blond hair, blue eyes you have to turn away from now and then because it’s just too much. Yet so comfortable to be around. Cozy. Like a teddy bear. A really, really hot teddy bear. You just want to curl up with him on a couch in the thick of the evening and make hand shadow puppets on the wall in the moonglow.

Not on the first outing, though. That would be weird. We stuck to traditional meet-and-greet fare. Four hours, we were out. Had no idea how late it was when I got home. I just sat there at our table at Tryst trying to keep from propping my chin in my hands, tilting my head and sighing. It was like having a beer with Johnny Depp. Dreamy. (And I didn’t even care that he might be a wee shorter than me. Dreamy, I tell you.)

When we both set out yesterday morning to live our lives, there was no indicator that we’d end up in our tete-a-tete 10 hours later. Kismet? I dunno. A chance meeting on the street, and two strangers who both happen to be at a point in their lives where they’re willing to just say “fuck it, yeah, let’s get together.” Timing is everything. But there is more to it than that. At least on first blush. A certain crossover in our lives—a couple shared random ideas and places that made us (who know, maybe just me) sit back in our chairs and say, “wow, that’s so cool you were there, too,” or “you think that too?”

I have no idea if my evening with Motorcycle Guy was a date. It looked like a date, felt like a date, and I kinda rammed it into date territory when I let him pay, which in retrospect, might have been way too presumptuous and forceful. There was future talk. Drinks, emails…but we didn’t hug or kiss goodnight. Probably better that way, considering he lives around the corner. I’ll keep it Neighbor Neutral. Let him steer the “friend”ship. And if friends is all it is, that’s fine. I like having dreamy friends, too. (But I bet he’s a really good kisser.)


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