But he’s just so cute…

D.’s flags are indeed red. Conservative. Said he would sign up to serve in The Iraq (the country changed it’s name. see below) if he were younger because he wants to do his part. I think this is admirable, but, ugh, I don’t agree with the war.

I didn’t say this on our date the other night. I didn’t tell him about my love for Kucinich. And I didn’t tell him about the book. I actually didn’t say much of anything. I was off. So off that I almost canceled last minute. Fatigued, sick to my stomach. I thought it might have been the spinach salad followed by enormous bowl of organic cocoa krispies.(Koala Crisps. Yum.)

Actually we were both off, which I attribute to the full moon eclipse that night. Astrologists say (and I believe them) that full moons are associated with temporal insomnia and insanity—the eclipse supposedly enhances the effects, kinda like drinking a bottle of merlot on top of a Valium. Despite the lunar lunacy, it wasn’t a bad date. D. is funny and goofy. And very direct. And much cuter then I remembered. And he seems to like me a lot. I don’t know why. I couldn’t have acted more weird. I had a constant look of confusion on my face, I yawned the whole time and I practically ran away from him when he kissed me goodbye. (Just a little peck, but I’m pretty sure he’s a good kisser. Tres important. Might cancel out the Christian-boy comment.)

This was after, of course, I leaned in for a hug. We were too far apart to make it natural and I had this pitiful, desperate smile on my face. It was all just so … weird. I can’t even explain it, it was that weird. I think part of my problem is that I’ve been so used to being comfortable and familiar with someone, now that I have to revert back to strained physical and social boundaries, I’m all out of whack.

But he wants to go out again, and followed up with a really nice email about how he didn’t plan the date well and it was all his fault and he wanted to see if I’m available this weekend for an “active” date where we’re just not sitting across the table staring at each other.

I think I ruined it though. I told him I could only be free for a couple of hours because I am under deadline, which is totally true. But I haven’t heard back. I kind of care. I kind of don’t care.


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