Infinite Love & Gratitude

The Psychic always knows when to call me. That’s cause he’s psychic. (He calls it intuitive, but that’s just semantics.) He calls when I’ve been talking about him, thinking about him, or just has something to say that I happen to need to hear at the time. I met The Psychic while I was researching dating in Chicago. He was one of my dates. We had “a connection.” I couldn’t tell if it was romantic (he sure was cute), but as a psychic, I suppose, he would probably have a connection with most people.

Anyway, The Psychic established his street cred when he knew my sister’s name. There’s no way he could have known it. He just knew. It’s not an uncommon name, but coupled with the fact that he nailed her personality and my relationship with her, I give him psychic props.

The Psychic called two nights ago and, as always, it seemed like he knew I’d been sad and confused and stuck because he told me about this healing class he’s taking where he’s learning how to use kinesiology and the power of infinite love and gratitude to “reconnect and balance emotions that have been trapped within the subconscious mind.” He suggested it as a potential for me if I was having writer’s block, which in fact, I have. (See how he knows?) I was into the idea, but worried about him stopping up my creativity even more.

The Psychic was prepared for my concern (psychics are like boy scouts—they’re prepared for everything). He suggested we do a trial run where we work on another issue. Something I was feeling unbalanced about. I told him I wanted to work on my feelings of sadness, loss, abandonment, confusion blah blah blah over Simon leaving.

And so my healing began. The Psychic opened up my electromagnetic fields by having me do a series of poses, like cupping my head with my right hand and pointing to my chest with my left pointer finger. Then he “muscle tested” me through the phone (talk about telecommuting), and addressed imbalances with my earth and fire elements that were all out of whack. For the first 5 minutes, I tittered on the other end of the call, not quite buying into it.

But then The Psychic started throwing out concepts that, looped together, form my relationship albatross, many of them having reared their ugly heads during my time with Simon—need for attention, vulnerability, not feeling good enough (permeates my days), sexual longing (didn’t seem like an issue…), fear of failure (always the issue), fear of being abandonment, stubbornness, control etc etc (there were, like, 50 concepts). He’d throw one out, I’d connect with it and say “infinite love and gratitude” and then he’d connect with what I’d connected with and wash away the imbalance with three more”infinite love and gratitudes.”

Infinite love and gratitude was repeated at least 325 times, I think.

It’s been a day and a half. I do feel better, though I’m still confused about what just happened with Simon. (“Thwarted” was another concept. Even though I always knew he was leaving, it still whacked me upside the head. I mean, how are you ever ready for that sort of thing?) But I have to say, the cloudy feelings have dissipated. I sense myself actually coming to peace with the whole damn thing. And my creativity has been flowing like a dam let loose.

Is this infinite love and gratitude? Or is this just time passing?


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