Susan knows…

Susan Miller, the master behind, is the Dalai Lama when it comes to astrology. I mean, she predicted Simon leaving and the confusion I’ve been feeling over it. She’s magic.

I’ll check out my monthly horoscope either at the beginning of the month for fun  or at the end to see if any “predictions” came true. I also check my horoscope when my life feels out of whack just to see if maybe there’s an answer for WHY in the stars, because rarely is there ever an answer on earth.

So anyway, she couldn’t have been more right on about August. See?

“August 21 could easily turn out to be the lowest point of your month or even of the year, although August 18 is not due to be much fun either. You may make a final break with someone [FYI: Simon left on 8/19] …

If anything untoward happens at this eclipse August 28, be philosophical. Are you really sorry about what was lost? I say “lost” because this eclipse seems to bring on a very sudden ending with one individual or situation. Honestly, do you feel relieved? If so, this situation was not for you, and you will find something more suitable for the “you” that you’ve become.”

She got the whole sudden break thing. The relief comment is an interesting one. I don’t feel relief, per se. But I do feel slightly more free. I knew my relationship with Simon wasn’t for the long run. I knew it all along. I knew it the night I met him. Mostly because that’s when he told me he was probably moving, which couldn’t have been a higher flying red flag that blatantly chose to ignore. I think my relief is from not having to anticipate anymore.

It’s just so weird to be so involved with someone—and then not be. I feel like a fucking light switch in a summer cottage at the end of Labor Day weekend.


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