Ain’t No Reason

to be sad about just love, when I can feel sad about the world in general. So much more digestible. Click on the nifty music player thing for a listen to this sweet angsty burden.

[sonific 88fb5a68a087bbdd79fd88f5acb1f6691a67ed6d]


3 responses to “Ain’t No Reason

  1. oh WOW. I’ve been reading your entries, and I can’t get over how this is pretty much exactly my life right now… I’m breaking up with this absolutely perfect, amazing guy because the summer is ending and we both have to go our separate ways..and i keep grasping for bits of reassurance – “Maybe we’ll get back together down the line” “Maybe he’ll realize that I was more than a summer romance” and I asked him about it once, but he said that he had to be honest and couldnt guarantee that we’d end up back together. This made me feel so crappy, like I was just around to make out with but could be easily forgotten. Even though I know he’s just being realistic in saying that, I need some glimmer of hope, you know?

    anyways..i feel for you.

  2. Just remember Sandy and Danny. Summer lovin didn’t work out bc Danny couldn’t commit so she went out with hunky Tom instead. Sure she wanted to be with Danny, but whateves. Look who came running back : )

    Go on a date. You’ll feel better. Unless the date sucks. Then at least you’ll have a funny story…

  3. I just listened to this song twice. Love it, love you, love your blog.


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