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Why you gotta be such a feisty biotch, Katherine?

September 8, 2009 · Leave a Comment

shrew_boxingSuccessful third date, minus the near-death experience on the bike home (my fault–was showing off). We went to see The Taming of the Shrew at The Shakespeare Theatre. Interesting play to see on a date, what with the theme of strong woman needing to be broken into submission to be happy/find love. I think horses have it easier than Katherine did. (Isolation from family and denial of animal protein – the horror!)  Granted Petruchio = hot, buuuuuutttttt…it’s all kinda messed up. I suppose you could look at it as relationships are successful when both sides can yield to one another. (Please don’t tell this to my parents. After 42 years of not yielding and getting away with it, I think if they started to actually listen to each other, they’d get divorced.) Though I’m not real sure that’s what ole Billy meant. No matter.

I will say, giving in is important. Not necessarily to the whims of your lord (and please, break up with him if he asks you to call him that—weird), but to the idea of being in a relationship. I read that in a dating book once. At that point, I thought I had given in to the idea of a relationship. Really though, it was just the idea of my fantasy of what an ideal relationship should be. (Rule #1: Never should on yourself.) Because the fantasy was impossible to fulfill in real life,  I relied on a laundry list of reasons for rejecting dudes (hair blew funny in the wind, didn’t wait until I got in the door before driving away, denim wash was questionable). Apparently, I was, in fact, not open to the idea of a relationship. And now….now I don’t should on myself. And the gloves are definitely off. That is all I will say. Don’t want to jinx it, ya know.

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